Caveman Food is committed to bringing you the most nutritious meals you can eat anytime, anywhere for people on the go.

100% paleo compliant meals, with optimal nutrient levels and absolutely no nasty or artificial ingredients. In fact, they are just whole foods we have hunted and gathered for you and heat sealed in our signature fresh packaging so that you can store them for over 12 months with no refrigeration.

All of our meals carry the prestigious ‘Product of Australia‘ certification and we use only the highest quality meats and vegetables we can source from Australian farms.

Caveman Food are excited to be fuelling healthy humans, from everyday people through to fitness enthusiasts, athletes, campers, military and first responders! Each Caveman meal is 100% paleo guaranteed, superb tasting in a handy 400g (14oz) serve that you can eat cold, heat up or add to other vegetables or rice.

Caveman Food has revolutionised healthy, packaged meals.


Our signature fresh packaging gives all Caveman products a 12 month unrefrigerated shelf life with no preservatives. Now you can have highly nutritious meals anytime, anywhere!

100% PALEO

Every Caveman product is 100% paleo – guaranteed. This simply means no grains, no dairy, no added sugar, no preservatives or chemicals. We only put in what your body was designed to eat.


All Caveman ingredients are sourced from Australian farms. Whether it be from rolling green fields, grass fed meats or free range farms, we use only the highest quality ingredients.

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The Caveman Range

400g Serve

Easily control your portions

12 Month Shelflife

1 year unrefrigerated…convenient!

20g of PROTEIN

Fuel those muscles

Every Caveman meal is 100% paleo guaranteed – created using whole, natural caveman-style ingredients to fuel your body the way it was designed. To put it simply, this means we add no sugars, grains, dairy, preservatives or chemicals.

Combining the optimum nutrient levels of proteins, fat and carbohydrates for healthy performance, Caveman’s nutritionally formulated portion size means all our meals are the perfect compliment to your nutrition. Perfect for an athlete or anyone managing a healthy weight or fitness goal.

Caveman Food are the world leaders in bringing you convenient highly nutritious meals – anytime, anywhere! With the combination of our amazing recipes and signature fresh packaging, simply heat, eat and enjoy!

That’s right, we only use the highest quality ingredients sourced from Australian farms – recognised as the world leader in producing clean, happy ingredients! Whether it be from rolling green fields, grass fed and free range farms, Caveman Food bring you the best of Australian produce.

All our Caveman Food contains NO preservatives, NO artificial colours and NO artificial flavours. Just premium quality REAL food.

We’re so proud of our Caveman products that we happily offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re unhappy with any aspect of one of our products, simply return it for a full refund – no questions asked.

Our Latest Recipes

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